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« Les Amis de Kaithe »

Registered 3 February 2011 in Antony - France, the association aims to raise funds for the projects supported by the local associations Kaithe Community Children Study Centre and Friends of Kaithe.

It also supports the development, implementation, management and organization of these projects.

It holds its registered office at Allée de La Tamise, number 6, 92160 Antony, France.

Founding members are Veronica Schröter, Olivier Vincent and Manuel Salinas.

It is currently chaired by Veronica Schröter.

« Friends of Kaithe »

Registered June 2011, this self help group is located in Kambakia, Municipality of Meru, Kenya.

It supports the developement of the village of Kaithe, giving their population a support in their differents activities. Their members have great experience working with local communities, and help in the projects hold by the association "Les amis de Kaithe".

Some of their members work in the ACEF (Africa Children Education Fund), a very active and respected NGO in Kenya.

The founding members are: J.M. Kemathi, Yasuo Shiojiri, Patrick Guitonga, Charles Murungui, and Joyce Kimathi. It is currently chaired by Mr.Guitonga.

« Endeleza »

Founded in June 2012, this association is based in Curitiba, Brazil, with operations in Buuri district in Kenya.

It operates with the goal of promoting human and community development through three pillars: education, empowerment and sustainability. To accomplish this mission, the association funds students through their secondary education and maintains Mugae Primary School, providing a complete feeding program for students and salaries for some teachers and staff. This has made access to the school free for all students from the community.

Since 2016, Endeleza is partner of the association “Les Amis de Kaithé” on the administration of the Development Center of Kaithé community, founded in 2009.

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