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The project

Overall, the project seeks help the villagers of Kaithe in their daily lives and especially to accompany them in a proper socio-economic development. The initial idea arose from the people themselves who, through his representative, asked the association to takeconcrete actions to improve their particularly difficult way of life.

Therefore, the whole community is involved with the association: when action 'in loco' is required, most of the villagers are present. We consider the large number of participants in training courses that have been performed as proof of the will of the people, and one of the most important objectives of the association's community involvement. In fact, we propose not only a help from us: the villagers are the first actors of change.

We believe that our help is the communication of a know-how to the performance of local projects in order to implement these changes in the long run and allow the villagers to keep their autonomy. The goal is for our assistance to villagers to be temporary, but the results to be lasting.

Circumstances make us in our industrialized countries a privileged purchasing power compared to Kenya. Thus, the financial investment for a project of this magnitude is quite reasonable compared to its benefits.

We think that once this project comes to an end and achieve their goals, it will serve as inspiration to the surrounding communities.

The objectives

Kaithe is currently in a very poor social and economic situation. Our support to its population in carrying out development projects can help them find a dynamic of sustainable development. All our projects relate to the daily life of villagers and require a strong commitment on their part.

Since our main goal is to improve their daily lives in a permanent, our projects target different sectors of local life. Thus, the main actions are related to the development of agriculture and livestock, water supply, as well as more appropriate education for children and adults and health. All of these "mini projects" take into account physical factors (such as soil quality), social, economic (low pay) and cultural (number of children per family, religion, etc.).

In accordance with the local population and the association, all projects developed fit within this perspective. Our job is to monitor the local population toward an improvement in their living conditions, working in the economic and social plans to help them achieve as quickly as possible, a long-term self-management.

Until Now…

The village of Kaithe evolves in difficult economic and geographical conditions, which inevitably affects the life quality of its inhabitants. However, under the impulse of the local association, the villagers have been very active looking for the fullfilment of the various projects, thanks to the generous contribution of donors. Thus, since april 2009, the villagers have participated in the following accomplishments:


Since January 2016 our association works in partnership with the Association Endeleza headquartered in Curitiba, Brazil. Its goals are similar to them of Friends of Kaithe: the education of children and youth and community development. She is also our partner on the administration of the Social Centre and distribution of water from the borehole to the community.





Remodeling of Kaithe's Public School



Cultural Activities

Les Formations

Organic Farming Course

Cooking Workshops

Sewing and Knitting Classes


Conventions and Workshops on Health and Prevention



Supply Drinking Water

Building a Store